My name is Nancy. I have had Raynauds for at least 25-years, and Scleroderma for ten years. I was teaching at Independence High School in San Jose, when I was diagnosed with Scleroderma. The Staff was extremely supportive and when I retired in 1994, they gave money in my honor to the Scleroderma Foundation. I asked the Department Head if they had any problems locating the Foundation. She said, no problem, once they figured out how to spell it. One of the reasons for retiring at age 60 was my commute back and forth from Pleasanton to San Jose across the Sunol Grade, which was taking longer each day because of the traffic. After retiring from Independence High School, I began substituting in the Pleasanton School District, which was only a few blocks from my home. I am still frequently substituting and really enjoy being with the students.
I am lucky that two of my grandchildren live in Pleasanton, one in Fremont, one in Saratoga, and two in Portland, Oregon. I see all of them frequently. My husband, Elvet, is also retired (but he still teaches at the evening school at Las Positas College). He is extremely helpful in the kitchen and around the house.
My main problems from Scleroderma are curved fingers with sores that take a long time to heal, which makes writing difficult. I also have lost the padding on the soles of my feet, which makes walking difficult and painful. I wear inserts in my shoes, and that helps a lot. I also need to wear gloves constantly because of Raynauds.
I enjoy going to the Scleroderma support group, not only because the members are so supportive, but also because I receive a lot of ideas about how to do things to make my life easier.


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If you have Scleroderma AND cancer, there is evidence that radiation may exacerbate your Scleroderma. You should check with your medical providers before treating with radiation therapy.